Have you met Joe? You’ve probably seen him through our fulfillment window, busy filling your baskets with the products you want/need! Joe’s hard work and determination is admirable, his contribution and efforts to our keep our inventory back of house operations running smoothly never goes unnoticed and is always appreciated by his team members. Joe is an essential part of the team.  

Being brand new to the industry & not knowing what to expect can make it hard to adjust, but Joe handled it well with professionalism and calmness, which is refreshing in a fast-paced environment. We were able to catch up with him and ask him some questions regarding his journey into a brand-new industry – keep reading below!  

Why the Cannabis Industry? 

I wanted to get into the industry because I’ve always enjoyed connecting folks with the things they love. I’ve spent years working in books, music and movies and that moment of shared joy over an artist, author or more lately a particularly nice cannabis strain is always my favorite part of a day. 

Favorite thing about your job or working in the industry? 

I’ve been involved in the culture all along, since the legacy days, and I needed guidance on navigating concentrates, for instance. So, I’d say I really enjoy watching people who are either new to weed or coming back after a long hiatus walk in to the shop and get really great advice on strains and methods of consumption. The hesitancy changing to excitement in the course of a short visit really makes me smile.  

Favorite product &/or brand?  

I’ll always be a classic ‘flower’ fan but recently have been enjoying ‘prerolls’ as a way of trying out strains and the convenience can’t be beat. However, I’d say my favorite thing on the menu is the RSO. So, between that and their tasty flower, Nature’s Heritage might be my top cultivator right now. 

A cannabis stigma often casted onto those who smoke that you’ve debunked/ proven to be false. 

I think the laziness trope makes most of us long term users laugh, especially as decriminalization has shown us just how many accomplished people enjoy smoking, but I think there’s another really pervasive idea out there. Escapism. The zoned-out stoner or disaffected dropouts. The reality for me, getting high leads to self-reflection and higher level of situational awareness that allows more positive engagement with society. I don’t think I’m alone in this. 

Final thoughts would be that I’ve always thought it a debilitating sin of America is the ‘War On (some) Drugs’. The money, the lives, the environmental impact of prohibition can’t be measured and it’s still going on out there. The best thing we can do as recreational consumers is help erase the stigma and keep pushing the country in the right direction. Live ‘out’ and spread the word, legalize it.