Mismatched Pair : Alcohol & THC

Some of us relax with a puff, while others enjoy a sip of wine or spirits to unwind. Cannabis serves as a medicinal lifeline for some, while red wine has its own benefits, attracting a diverse group of casual admirers. While delightful individually, blending the two may not result in a feeling you enjoy.

Have you ever heard of being ‘cross-faded’? This occurs when you are both “tipsy” and “high” at the same time. If you’re considering trying this combination, be prepared for potential side effects that could affect your judgment. Here’s a glimpse of what could happen if you dive into the mix of THC and alcohol:

Slowed reaction time

Loose of coordination & problem solving skills

Distorted perfection of time and speed

Increased Heart Rate

Distorted Vision

Short term memory loss when impaired

Slowed reflexes

Reduced inhibitions.

The more alcohol is combined with THC, the more our senses can become distorted. Even when used medicinally, cannabis can impair reaction time and operating machinery like a car is illegal and dangerous. It’s advisable to consume in a safe environment, stay put for a while, or have a designated driver. Whether you prefer a joint or a drink, remember to prioritize safety at all times!