Max’s Favorite Products!

Meet Max, A team lead at our Malden spot! Let’s peek at some of her top picks waiting for you in-store!
Max’s go-to products are The Healing Rose collection, featuring CBD roll-ons and salves, perfect for soothing her achy back from previous disc slips and old sports injuries. A post-shower application with these products helps her unwind and catch some quality Z’s while also waking up refreshed & ready for the day.
Then there are the Coast Cranberry Pomegranate Gummies, famous for their magical sleep-inducing powers and knack for beating nighttime aches. Max has been raving about better sleep and back pain relief ever since trying them. She suggested these for consumers who are heavy daily smokers and need an extra kick when trying to relieve pain & flower just won’t cut it physically.
Next time you’re in-store and looking for pain management/relief try out these products that Max suggested, they might just work for you also!


Let us know if it helps/what you think!