Say high to Danny – one of our newest budtenders! His enthusiasm and positivity radiate onto every customer he encounters while making sure they leave with the product/knowledge they are looking for & a smile on their face. Danny brings excitement and love to his job because he can appreciate how it can change people’s lives now for the better. Paying homage to the black market, Danny likes to recognize & never forgets how it could affect people and their life for the worse in terms of legalization. With an understanding that there are levels to cannabis and how it works, Dany has tackled those hurdles and will continue to do so.  

We caught up with Danny on his shift to get more of an insight into what it was like for him to join a new industry … Keep reading below to learn more about Danny!  

Q: Favorite product (as of now)  

A: My favorite product would have to be Happy Valley’s “Super Lemon Haze”. Every time I smoke it, it brings out a creative side of me. While smoking it & after, I get a lot of great ideas and I feel uplifted and happy.  

Q: Something you learned about the Cannabis Industry that peaks your interest? 

A: I would have to say the cultivation seed to sale aspect of the industry really peaks my interest.  

Q: A change in the industry/state rules you would like to see & why  

A: A change in the industry I’d like to see is interstate commerce. That would allow the industry to grow even bigger than what it is today. It would also create more jobs and competition in the marketplace.  

Another change I’d like to see is the allowance of social consumption lounges and restaurants. I envision going to the coffee shop, ordering your favorite cup of coffee and your favorite strain all in one place. This would also create more jobs and normalize cannabis to the world.  

I’d also like to rid of the negative narrative surrounding cannabis. I want to one day see cannabis grow into a powerhouse industry just like the Tobacco industry but better and safer. It’s a full circle moment in my life to work in this industry.  

We appreciate Danny & everything he does for us at Eastern Cannabis Company!