Say High to Damien!

Say high to Damien! – A team lead here at our Malden location! Damien has been with the team since we’ve opened and has found a love for terpenes & one of our top Cookies strains – All Time High. An aspiring motivational speaker, artist & terpene enthusiast, Damien brings smiles, laughter & knowledge with him every day which radiates onto our customers as well!

Keep reading to learn more about why All Time High is his favorite ….! 

 This one strain lets him step into the happiest day in the world when consumed through a joint. Sativa strains aren’t usually his preference, but this Cookies strain he describes as a “Sun-Haze in your head”. On the lighter side of Sativa’s – this has a good uplifting high all throughout the mind & body. Very uplifting and light, he prefers this strain over all the others!  

Give it a try & see why he loves it so much!