Review by Billy Mazariegos – Budtender at Eastern Cannabis Company Malden

Make your own edibles you say? Are they just as easy as making regular brownies? YES! Revolutionizing DIY baking with cannabis, Clebby’s puts emphasis on superior taste and premium ingredients. With easy and reliable dosing, these sweet treats are easy to dose which creates a delicious (and potent) treat to enjoy at any time! You could say these brownies are truly magical. 

 Inside the big red box contains a box mix and a dosing tincture. Just like regular store-bought brownie mix, the packing contains clear & easy instructions to follow.  


After baking & cooling down it was time to inspect – my favorite part!  

 The brownies were very soft and delicious, somewhat like a bakery brownie. The added chocolate chips were a nice crunchy bonus. The smell while it was cooking was intoxicating, they weren’t like any weed brownies I’ve made before. In the past when making brownies I’ve had to be very cautious and make sure everyone in the house is on vacation and completely mask the smell. This mix allows you to stay free of any cannabis odor throughout the house for an easy and painless baking session.   


Looking for a little extra added kick? Create an infused brownie sundae – take your already made infused brownies, add Betty’s Eddies ice cream, whip cream, sauce & sprinkles. Get lit while eating a sundae – there’s nothing better! 

 ECC CUSTOMER FEEDBACK “I found making these brownies was quite easy.  So, it’s definitely user friendly, easy to follow recipe/directions and bakes nicely.  The aroma throughout the house was quite pleasant.  Once baked, the brownies (of course ????), they were cooled down and enjoyed throughout the night!  If I had 10 thumbs, they’d all be up!” 

Try making your own infused treats HERE……. happy baking!