Acapulco Gold – Hidden Hemlock

Strain Review by Cory O’hearn – Budtender at Eastern Cannabis Company Malden

Acapulco Gold – an original Sativa land race strain originating in Mexico, this strain & seeds are typically hard to come by in the black market & the legal market. You typically hear of people reminiscing of how that use to be their favorite strain & can never find it anymore. Once this strain comes around it’s out the door as fast as it came in, so you must catch it quick! 


I recently tried the 1-gram Pre-Roll of Acapulco Gold grown by The Hidden Hemlock and boy, it did not disappoint. When I smoked it, I experienced a nice clear headed, euphoric, and energetic high. Mostly a head high, I was able to go about my day with energy, willingness to get shi*t done all while staying high. 


 With a spicy, peppery taste, it’s perfect for the consumer looking for something not too sweet & fruity but really tickles the nose & taste buds.  I started my rainy Monday with a few puffs from this pre-roll and instantly felt my mood elevate, perfect for the morning or when you just need that extra boost both mentally & physically. 

Find it HERE, at Eastern Cannabis Company ……….until it’s gone!